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First part of the project
  • 2009/12/01
    • We are running benchmarks over the new and faster MPI.NET-Spawn library. See the Fibonacci performance graph below.

  • 2009/10/07
    • We are working on a faster version of the Spawn primitive.
  • 2009/07/03
    • We are running some benchmarks over the MPI_Comm_Spawn mechanism. We are also working on some pappers.
  • 2009/03/24
    • The MPI_Comm_Spawn and MPI_Comm_get_parent primitives are implemented (see the releases).
  • 2009/02/20
    • The MPI_Comm_Spawn primitive implementation worked, so now I'm focusing on improve the implementation and make it's interface looks nice. The preliminary implementation can be found on the Releases.
  • 2009/01/02
    • The MPI_Comm_Spawn primitive implementation started.

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