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Some steps must be followed before MPI.NET aplications can be executed or assembled. We strongly recomend that you read the content of the following site before you start.

The firt step is the installation of the .Net plataform. It can be installed by 2 different ways: you can get the .Net SDK in Microsoft's website at or you can get it integrated with Microsoft Visual Studio that is the IDE we are using to develop this project.. There is a free version of MS Visual Studio called Visual Studio Express and it can be downloaded at We are using the C# version. After the .Net plataform is installed, C# aplications can be compiled and executed in the computer.

The second step is to install a MPI distribution. The distribution we are using is the Microsoft Compute Cluster Pack SDK that can be downloaded from After this you should be able to compile and run MPI -C and MPI-C++ aplications on the computer.

The third and last step is to download and install Indiana University MPI.NET binding. It can be downloaded from After this you can run and compile MPI.NET aplications.

Now we strongly recommend that you read the tutorial at

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